Report: MATRIX 1 Inter School Mathematics Contest 2013

The MATRIX 1 Inter School Mathematics Contest 2013 was organized by The City School, Karachi and it was held at City School PECHS Boys Campus on February 4th, 2013. Dawood Public School students Nida Afzal, Wajeeha Iftikhar and Rabia Mahir participated in the contest. As the competition commenced the participants were welcomed and the rules of the competition were read.

MATRIX 1 Inter School Mathematics Contest 2013 highlights and Dawood Public School students' participation.


In all four rounds were conducted. The first round was My IQ, the second round Your Choice, the third round Follow Me and the fourth round Mim Bender. To warm up and excite a challenging spirit among the participants the first two rounds were based on intriguing mental math questions. The third round was innovatively different and interesting. In this round one of the participants had to draw a figure, following mathematical instructions given by the other co participants. Once all the rounds were completed the results were announced. Our students secured 3rd position they were awarded shields and certificates.


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