DPS Open Day Festival 2013

Dawood public school open day festival 2013Karachi, 17 June, 2013: “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the face of Pakistan. Amidst such woeful conditions of Pakistan educating nation is the only way out and therefore it is imperative that we all should work towards the betterment of society and raise awareness of the importance of education.” These thoughts were expressed by Sabrina Dawood CEO Dawood Public School, while addressing the media during Dawood Public School Open Day Festival held on 16th June. She further said “that nation in this critical time need leaders and professionals in every field which can lead Pakistan on a prosperous path. This can only be achieved by educating our people and helping them to enlighten others to join the cause and help Pakistan out of this terrible mess.” Continue reading

Report: MATRIX 1 Inter School Mathematics Contest 2013

The MATRIX 1 Inter School Mathematics Contest 2013 was organized by The City School, Karachi and it was held at City School PECHS Boys Campus on February 4th, 2013. Dawood Public School students Nida Afzal, Wajeeha Iftikhar and Rabia Mahir participated in the contest. As the competition commenced the participants were welcomed and the rules of the competition were read.

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Workshop on Entrepreneurship for A-Level students

A hands-on workshop on “Entrepreneurship” was conducted on by the INJAZ team of the AMAN Foundation, on 6th March 2013, for the A- Level Section. The workshop encouraged students’ to work in teams, challenging and unleashing their creativity to come up with innovative ideas for a complete business plan of their own.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship by Dawood Public School


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